Who we are

Historical background 

Ristorante Al Borgo boasts a special setting: it was in fact converted out of an ancient 18 century villa veneta originally owned by the Doglioni family, one of the most famous noble families of Belluno. In 1975 the villa goes to Giuliano Viel, who restored and converted it into a restaurant.


Cozy and warm, the interiors of the villa are embellished with works of art by local painters and carvers, like the sculpture Le quattro stagioni (The Four Seasons) by Franco Fiabane. Beautiful vintage wood furniture is scattered all over the place, but the most outstanding pieces of furniture are the fireplaces, one of them with original chafing dish.


The restaurant is surrounded by a well-kept garden, perfect for hosting events and banquets in the warm and sunny days, with its sculptures and a century-old Sophora Japonica rising with its twisted trunk right in front of the villa.


The charm of Ristorante Al Borgo doesn’t lie only in the breathtaking landscape and wonderful villa, but also in the long cultural and artistic tradition adding value to the restaurant, which features works by local artists such as Franco Fiabane, Gino Silvestri, Vico Calabrò, Augusto Murer and Italo Pradella, and Italian artists such as Lucio Garofalo. Many are also the artists who took part to gourmet events. Among these, Cristina Moggio, Riccardo Schweizer, Beppino Lorenzet and Felice Feltracco. 


The Ristorante & Guesthouse Al Borgo is the ideal destination for a family holiday: your child will be thrilled by the warm hospitality, exciting stories, interesting traditions, cute animals and entertainment activities they can do surrounded by nature. Piqued your interest? Take a look!