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From starters to coffee, our cuisine recreates the taste and simplicity of traditional recipes. Herbs, mushrooms, corn, beans, game meat, kid and lamb of Val Belluna are only some of the organic local products we use to create typical dishes of the Belluno cuisine, like our risotto with herbs, pumpkin gnocchi, crespelle with hops, casunziei with beetroot or barley soup, homemade desserts and locally produced coffee.

Whatever your special event, Ristorante Al Borgo will surprise you with a special menu and will make you rediscover the passion for local and organic food.


Our services


If you have already chosen the date to seal your future together with your loved one, here you find a beautiful setting and charming atmosphere, perfect for your ceremony. From personalized menu to seating arrangements, from wedding linens to music, at Ristorante Al Borgo we take care of every detail. In spring and summer you can have your ceremony outside, on the veranda. Capacity: 120 people.

Family events

From christening to confirmation, from a simple family party to a birthday party. It’s always nice gathering around the table to spend some time with good company and have a good meal. The menu you choose will be always prepared with care and passion. And after your meal, why not have a pleasant walk in our lush garden?

Business lunch

A relaxed atmosphere, a private meeting, a standing buffet… there are many ways to meet outside the office, in an informal and relaxed atmosphere… and often the best ideas come while you’re eating!

Special events

Looking for a special setting for a romantic dinner or an intimate evening? Our brigade de cuisine will create a menu just for you! Surprise your partner with a tailor made dinner.

Tasting events

Have a look at the events page and find out when the next themed dinner will be! Enjoy the presentation of fine wines and a menu created expressly for the event.

Meeting with friends

Time spent with good company. Tea time in a charming setting for a ladies afternoon out. A graduation party, retirement party, or the beginning of a new adventure: there is always a good reason to celebrate! Do it with us!

The products used in our kitchen

The staff of our restaurant uses only high quality farm products, mainly sourced locally, in the valleys surrounding the Dolomites: we do our best to enhance their taste and to pass on to our guests our love for the territory of Belluno and our passion for traditional cuisine of the Alps.



The territory of Belluno is famous also for its delicious cheeses, and many are the farms that produce dairy products. Schiz, Cherz, Piave, Nevegàl, Dolomiti… are only some of the most common local cheeses. And then there are also the cold meats: Luganega, Musetto, Soppressa, Pendola, and of course the renowned Pastin. Thanks to the project “La Strada dei Formaggi e dei Sapori delle Dolomiti” (The cheese and flavors route of the Dolomites), you will have the chance to appreciate these and many other local products, and to try the most delicious traditional specialties.


The Lamon Bean is the farm product of Belluno par excellence. Imported from America and introduced in the area of Belluno by Piero Valeriano in 1532, it is grown mainly in the area surrounding Feltre and, more precisely, on the plateaus of Lamon. To celebrate this tasty seed, the village of Lamon organizes an annual festival every third weekend of September.


Local potatoes are much appreciated also outside the territory of Belluno and are grown up to an altitude of 1,000 meters. Among the most famous varieties: the so-called bigole, the potato of Cesiomaggiore, which is a De C.O. food (registered municipal designation of origin), and the potato of Cadore.

Yellow polenta

One of the most common dishes of the area, in the past polenta was a single course and was often eaten alone. Mixing three different types of cornmeal you get an even more characteristic flavor. Don’t miss the delicious aroma when the polenta is dished out!

Homemade ice-cream

Thanks to the ice-cream makers of the Val di Zoldo valley, who emigrated in search of work, nowadays ice –cream has become another typical product of the area of Belluno. Every year, in Autumn, Longarone hosts the International Ice Cream Exhibition (18 km away from Belluno).


The bees of the Belluno Dolomites produce an exceptionally fine PDO honey, in the varieties of acacia, multi floral, chestnut and linden. Here in the mountains precious fragrances and flavors enrich the honey, which becomes a unique and highly sought-after product. In order to promote local honey varieties, in October the town of Limana organizes the Festa dell’Apicoltura (beekeeping festival).

Amaro dello speziale (Apothecary Bitters)

Apothecary Bitters a digestive liqueur prepared with herbs carefully selected by herbalist Ernesto Riva. At Ristorante Al Borgo you will have the chance to try this specialty and discover what makes it so special. Or you can buy it directly at the Riva pharmacy in Castion (3 km from Belluno).

Villa services

Banquet facilities: 90 people inside and 90 outside (disabled access).
80 car parking spots and 2 bus parking spots.
Accessibility for disabled.
We accept debit cards.
We accept credit cards.
Wi-fi internet in all areas.
Large for leisure and amusement park.
Animals allowed on request.